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Duration Time: 27:10 minutes

MP3 download size:  63.7 MB


ACTIVE LISTENING is a technique that allows you to fully focus on what others are saying and understand the whole message. Having ACTIVE LISTENING is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you listen has a great impact on the effectiveness of your work and the quality of your relationships with others.


If you interrupt conversations to express your point of view, if you have your own internal conversations that prevent you from listening to the speaker, you find it difficult to pay attention, if your mind wanders, you have conflicts with other people for not listening well to what they are saying, or you tend to look away or seem bored with talking, this powerful self-hypnosis MP3 subliminal audio can help you develop natural ACTIVE LISTENING skills that will not only make others accept you, but help you learn more about the people you are communicating with.


This subliminal audio contains the 5 keys of the ACTIVE LISTENING technique, with a powerful activator or trigger of the 4 WORDS, which will automatically activate on your mental screen, every time you get distracted from the conversation, talk, class, lesson, conference so that you focus your attention on the speaker.


The 5 keys to the ACTIVE LISTENING technique are found in the form of subliminal messages and powerful affirmations in this AUDIO.


The constant listening of the subliminal audio, ACTIVE LISTENING, will create neural steps in your brain until you achieve the good habits of the GOOD LISTENER.


Listening is a skill that you have been using since before you were born; all you need to do is tweak it, and that's what you can achieve with this LISTEN ACTIVE MP3 subliminal audio, professionally recorded in Mind Subconscious' recording studio.


How does self-hypnosis help?


Hypnosis is a natural state that we all enter several times a day without realizing it. With self hypnotherapy, which uses the hypnotic state, you can guide your mind to a receptive and calm place where the suggestions, affirmations and the activator of the 4 powerful words, can be accepted and integrated into your own way of thinking and being. That is, change bad habits for good habits.


During self-hypnosis, you will be comfortably relaxed and may experience a "half awake, half asleep" feeling.


This is perfectly natural, and while you may feel reluctant to leave that feeling behind once the session is over, you will wake up feeling totally refreshed and confident and ready to allow the subliminal audio suggestions. ACTIVE LISTENING work for you.

Active listening

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