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Miss  weight

Most people would love to achieve their desired weight and shape as a way to boost their confidence, self-esteem, and improve their health. It is important to identify and fix any emotional issues behind weight problems.


You can use the self-hypnosis audio guides to motivate yourself to achieve the right weight and shape for you. They teach you techniques to deal with the triggers that lead to overeating, such as boredom eating, secret eating (for example, at night), behavior learned during childhood, etc. We offer a complete guide for the placement of the virtual gastric band where you visualize yourself going through a gastric band procedure in order to eat less, making use of your subconscious mind.


There are also audio guides to help people who want to fast - whether to lose weight or detox - and approaches to maintaining that weight loss once it has been achieved. Some people may want to eat healthier and enjoy more nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, or eat and drink more slowly. Some of the audio guides can help you appreciate and enjoy foods that in the past you were unable to tolerate and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


Explore among the available audio guides, and choose the one that best suits your needs. Contact us if you want an audio guide not available in the menu.

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